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Whe Mom wa ts me to come, but I just wa t to chill by the waterfall. paulhewitt geta chored lo gexposure
waterfall jewelry fashio i stagramhub wo derful_places ig_captures i stagood exploretocreate exploremore herp wlife sheadve tures socality exklusive_shot hypebeast collectivelycreate passio passport createcommu e hypebeast dogdailyfeaturesss dogstagram dailybarker vizslagram thisdogslife thestatelyhou d girlsbestfrie d hou da dlife bestdogever
Love it! ?
Holy crap lovi g it ?? ca t believe Whiskey stood still for that lo g exposure!!
Oh! ?? this is the best. So creative a d beautiful!
Amazi g❤️
Nice ?
Wow ? what a pretty, u ique photo ??
ta yiatabouli I made a mi i dog! Lol
mochathetoller I thi k this was just a half a seco d a d I took about 10 I just took a d took a d took a d took a whole bu ch of photos a d this o e came out!
Great job o the lo g exposure that\'s ot the easiest to do :)
mywhiskeygirl still very impressive! What a great dog! A d photographer!
This is so cool!!
Wow ?????
Still pretty impressive!!
Ti y Whiskey sitti g o your fi gers!
Awesome! Cool shot! ????
That is amazi g!
Fu perspective o size/dista ce ?
Nice shot ??
Very cool pic ?
Amazi g?
Great posts, let\'s co ect ✌?
furpawlover I\'ve got myself a mi i V lol
gi gi daw maybe I should prete d to squish her ext time hehe
husky_syd ey just take a to of photos haha! Way more tha I would assume
Such a wo derful photo! ????
I like your mom\'s bracelet!
Love this! <3
Creative shot!! Love this page

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