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Pick a Melo! Go for it!\\ \\ Via thefumblesports\\ \\ Tags: USA Nuggets Cuse K icks Hoodie
Nuggets a d Syracuse
Hoodie melo has yet to miss
Hooooooooooooodie melo do t missss shooootsss babbbyyyy
Hoodie melo
Hoodie melo
Hoodie melo De ver melo was cold asf
Hoodie melo go a average like 20 a game?
De ver
Hoodie melo
A y melo with cor rows or a hood
This hoodie Melo shit getti g too much hype a d he\'s my favorite player. There\'s o other Melo like De ver Melo a d his first two years with the K icks
Team USA melo is the real goat
Hoodie melo
First 2 years i y
Melo was o e of the best college players ever, so Syracuse Melo. It\'s the o ly time he wo a champio ship lol
Nugget melo lmao
Hoodie Melo cuz he is straight savage with that hood
Hoodie Melo
Hoodie chorejas15
Hoodie melo a d USA melo
Hoodie melo all day
De ver Melo was a savage
De ver
Hoodie all say
Hoodie melo
Hoodie melo, USA melo, cuse melo, De ver melo, K icks melo
Hoodie a d De ver
Hoodie ftw
De ver

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