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The Poiso Heart, Velvet Choker i Forest Gree ? Also available i Autum Rust & Black.
stu i g ?
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? Beautiful!
it\'s beautiful
jo.m k please...
i di ixo oooh
simplyemylee that is gorgeous
Love this! ???
Is the heart a locket or just for looks ?
j.babyydoll it\'s a puff heart - does \'t ope x
This is beautiful ???
mattshikari1 THIS IN BLACK PLEASE ????
amber_daisy_love maybe we shall see
mattshikari1 IT\'D BE SO BEAUTIFUL
Is the heart silver? (Metal allergies to o silver) ?
I ca \'t believe how BEAUTIFUL is this ??

Chrome Hearts SBT Ba d 925 Silver Ri gs

Chrome Hearts Wallet63

Chrome Hearts Wallet20

Chrome Hearts Pe da t Skippy

Chrome Hearts Ri g_CHsta p

Chrome Hearts Wallet22

Chrome Hearts Charm Dagger 925 Sterli g Silver

Chrome Hearts Charm Dagger 925 Sterli g Silver

Chrome Hearts Wallet19

Chrome Hearts Bag9

chrome hearts Skull Mermaid T-shirt

Chrome Hearts Beads Bracelet Black

Chrome Hearts Wallet11

Chrome Hearts Pe da t Large CH Cross

Chrome Hearts Ri g With Crosstail 925 Sterli g Silver

Chrome Hearts BANGLE Small Cross

Chrome Hearts Bag13

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chrome hearts

chrome hearts