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Sicard used approximately 1,300 diamo ds set i white gold, with the most massive — the big ho ker o top — weighi g i at a whoppi g 20 carats alo e. \\ The reaso why this piece is called the ‘Arabic Scroll Tiara’ is because it’s arra ged i a Arabic calligraphy patter that reads, “O ly Allah is the Great.” I’m relyi g o other sources for the tra slatio of this patter , so if a y of ya’ll speak Arabic a d this is ’t right the please let me k ow. From a tiara desig sta dpoi t this piece is very u ique a d as far as I k ow, there are ’t ma y other tiaras out there that spell words i them. .\\ \\ Now here’s the bad ews, I’m highly doubti g we’ll see this piece o Ra ia for the state visit i November, o ly for the small fact that Ra ia has o ly wor this piece twice so far. Although, I could be prove wro g because o e of those times I’m talki g about was a other state visit to the Netherla ds i 2006. The other time was for a Va ity Fair photo shoot i 2008. Ho estly, I’d be happy with a y tiara as lo g as its ot that Bouchero bracelet-tiara co versio debacle she has bee messi g arou d with lately. I’m sorry your Majesty, but that does ot befit a Quee or does it eve look good as a tiara. Thems the cold hard facts. My pick is for her to wear her sister-i -law’s Cartier tiara agai , because it gives me all the feels or the Bouchero Emerald Ivy Tiara. Which tiara do you thi k Ra ia should wear i November a d what do you thi k about this o e? Happy Tuesday darli gs! atiaraaday arabicscrolltiara bouchero calligraphy diamo ds jewels jewelry jordi ia royals mo archy quee ra ia royalty royaljewels tiara whitegold
I vote the Arabic Scroll Tiara. It\'s quite u ique, i that it has the writi gs i it, a d also the way it sits as it does \'t seem to have the metal/padded circlet ba d.
I\'m sorry but this is more pagea t tha royal i my mi d. The shape of the tiara is ot flatteri g but the diamo ds are amazi g.
Wro g hair. No. Just o. Sorry.
I thi k it would look stu i g if she wore her hair up, somethi g with height that the tiara could frame....?
This u fortu ately looks like a Miss America type tiara ? but I bet it cost a bit more ??

Not a fa of this o e. It looks like it sits stra gely o her head? Almost like a smurf hat i diamo ds? JMO tho
It is a gift from ki g Abdullah of saudi arabia?RIP we all missed you??
A ythi g she wears looks stu i g
e1izabeth_ross ?
Where is the state visit i November? A d I deff agree with you! She eeds to use this o e or her sister\'s i law.. si ce she ever usi g it
i.3boudi To the Netherla ds.
I prefer tiaras to be beautiful without messages, but what do I k ow, I would \'t throw it away if it was gifted to me a d I would most defi itely wear it more tha twice i a decade.
I ca \'t form a opi io u less I ca wear it arou d for awhile. So, she eeds to let me have it for a little bit. Maybe a mo th or a year or 5, a d the I\'ll form a opi io o wether I love it or ot. Lmao.
This is so beautiful.
I really like how words were i cluded i the piece, I do \'t like how it seems arrow a d poi ted goi g towards the ce ter. Does that make se se? It would be ice if a other piece could be created for her to wear so she would \'t have to wear this o e or borrow.
Not a fa of this o e. Do \'t like the way it is a gled.
I do \'t k ow if maybe it\'s her hairstyle or what, but the tiara does \'t fit her head right or somethi g. Needs to go farther back o her head. It\'s pretty, but ot all that & a bag of chips! ca you photoshop a few images of what Megha would possibly look like i a Tiara if she marries Pri ce Harry?
I do \'t k ow the tiaras of Jorda , or those that the Quee could wear. Could you give us a post about them?
I love this o e. If o e is \'t familiar it could be a headpiece for say a Elve Quee Delicate a d bala ced. Not a fa of her hairstyle from this post but the black a d white photo of her showi g the side of the tiara is beautiful.
Oh dear? You are correct, I looked it up as soo as you wrote bouchero bracelet tiara, it looks awful!! Like à out of state bad weddi g tiara!!!
It looks a bit pagea t quee because of the sash she is weari g.
steffipapaleo Yes, I\'ll do a collage before the state visit so you guys ca see all of them side by side :) tha ks a lot! Always i love with this page ?
britt_dk85 Sorry I do \'t do the Photoshoppi g.
I love this tiara , u ique !
I k ow some arabic a d i ca make out the word Allah there but the rest is so embedded a d the calligraphy is ot easy to read.
She\'s so beautiful!! But please o, ot the bracelet tiara. I liked the emerald ivy tiara. I liked the scroll tiara o ly after looki g closely at the calligraphy, that\'s pretty impressive.
Beautiful! The Arabic calligraphy says \\ yes!!!!! That would be amazi g! My brai always goes o bli g overload a d I forgot which tiara is which...???I\'m always scouri g your past posts i hope if fi di g the o e you me tio ed!!! lol!!! Love your accou t so much that I do \'t mi d!!! I o ly tur my otificatio o for 3 accou ts a d yours is o e because it\'s so dar fab!!!
buthai aalk Tha k you!! ?
I k ow it is probably impossible but I hope to see the Arabic or the emerald too, just a y piece except the bracelet. Yes I am tired of it, a d I refuse to call it a tiara?. Actually I fi d the Arabic (a d also the emerald) is quite beautiful a d well desig ed. Agree with some poster above, what Ra ia eed is a right hair (has she ever do e a updo for her tiara? I ca \'t remember?)
a other.e.34.34 She has with a other diamo d tiara she borrowed a d it looked gorgeous. I\'ll post that later o alo g with the others she\'s wor That\'s great?btw does she ow the emerald lvy??
She is the Qwee of Jordo she ca well afford to e ha ce the Royal bar with a crow that suits her..

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